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Ivana V.
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I'm from Slovakia and I bet you don't know where is it :D


Don't write to my profile "Thank you for fav" comments. I don't like it.
Also, please, don't tag me.


My name is DokuDoki. Of course not in real life, but here, on ~YouTube, ~Tumblr, ~LiveJournal, ~Pixiv and actually almost everywhere on internet I am.

I like anime, manga, eating, reading, drawing, sleeping, PC, music and folklore of my country, Slovakia.

I dislike stiff people, noise, jazz, waking up at early hours, ballroom dancing and pease pudding.

Sometimes I suffer from giant art block and don't draw anything for months.

I speak English. Hovorím po slovensky. Umím česky.


Tools I use
- tablet (Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen&Touch M) | mechanical pencil, Centropen

Programs I use
- Paint Tool SAI, Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0, PhotoScape


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Journal History

I was tagged by :iconwestlywheatly:

Here we go!

Ten facts about myself:
1. My height is 174 cm, which's about 5 feet and 8½ inches.
2. I have younger brother, but he's way taller than me!
3. Even though I'm aro ace I like yaoi a lot.
4. I like to think that I'm very open-minded person.
5. I don't wash every day, nuh. I wash when I don't feel clean.
6. I'm owner of disabled ID card so I get lots of things for cheaper!
7. I have huge problem with procrastination.
8. I don't drink and I tend to overreact when people offer me one.
9. I like to collect recipes, even though I'll probably never try them.
10. Once I almost flushed my Barbie when I tried to wash her hair in toilet.

Answered questions:
1. Any story behind your name?
Eh, not really. Mum said that if I were a boy I'd be called Adam but tbh I don't like that name at all.

2. Favourite things about your face?
Probably fact that I don't want to avert my eyes whenever I look in a mirror.

3. How has your day been, and give me details?
It was actually pretty boring, I'm afraid I don't have much to say...

4. Favourite quality that a friend should have?

To not yell :c

5. What did you think of me when we first talked?

Um... when did we first talk again? It couldn't be bad though, otherwise we wouldn't talk more since then!

6. Ever watched Kuroko no Basket? If no you should.

I have strong aversion towards sports and not even anime can make me enjoy it, sorry :c

7. Do you hate me for tagging you??
Nah I am a dummy!Chainsaw

8. What type of movies do you like?
I don't like romance in movies, but almost every movie involves it at least partially. Next time I'll try Pokemon.

9. What do you hate most about me?
What kind of question is that? Why would you even ask it?? D:

10. HAHAHAHA be Kira who would you kill?
*looks around*

I tag:
Suddenly, a swarm of bees has appeared!! I tag all bees, and then they fly away.
Look around yourself. If you see anything yellow, black or with strips, you're tagged!!!

My questions:
1. The first thing you think about when I say "planet"?
2. What's your opinion about wicker baskets?
3. Do you look at tissue after you sniff?
4. Your favourite pizza topping?
5. Title of last book or fanfiction you read.
6. What's your favourite small bird and why is it blue tit?
7. Rozumieš tomuto?
8. Did you ever wear a gas mask?
9. Dare: watch "how to milk a cow" tutorial!
10. Which side of the chicken has the most feathers?

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Cain and Abel : Thanks for the Llama!
Abel : If you have the time you can drop an eye over our comic if you haven't already *smiles wide*
TheAwesomeSatomi Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Všetko (neskoré) najlepšie k narodeninám!MenInASuitcase 

(Bola som v nemocnici keď si mala narodeniny takže.... ;u; )
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Ďakujem ;w ; A čože sa i stalo? ; A ;
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Nie je začo ^^

(Ah,tak trochu som odpadla v autobuse a hneď ako som prišla z nemocnice domov som dostala horúčku(a stále ju mám,takže by som asi mala ísť od počítača XD),ale inak som v poriadku)
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((I thought of you and your blog when I saw this:… you've probably Already  seen it though haha))
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